Find The Right Painting For You

If you are thinking about adding a touch of class to your home, and want to buy a replica of one of the masters, but are not sure which one would suit you the best, we created a short overview of some of the most famous paintings ever made, that is sure to contain at least one painting that should be able to catch your attention. Also, if you are considering doing this, you may be inclined to simply buy a lithograph as it is cheaper, but we urge you to consider buying a reproduction painting, as they are usually much more faithful to the original, and will last you much longer without the colors fading. Even though they may be somewhat more expensive, they will provide you with much more pleasure.

Vermeer’s Girl With A Perl Earring

This painting shows a mysterious girl set against a dark background, who is looking backwards over her shoulder. The earring in her exposed ear draws the attention and serves as a something that a viewer can focus on. Painted in 1665, this painting, also known as Dutch Mona Lisa is often thought of as one of the greatest masterpieces ever painted by the artist.

Botticelli’s Birth Of Venus

It is almost impossible to find someone who cannot instantly recognize the image depicted in this famous painting. It is that of the goddess Venus arising from the foaming sea and standing in a seashell.  She is being blown towards shore by the God of the Wind, Zephyrus standing on her left and holding the breeze Aura in a soft embrace, while on her right, you can see the Goddess of the Seasons, Horae, covering Venus’ nakedness with her robe.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night

This is one of the most famous paintings by the artists, and it is a surrealistic interpretation of a starry night over the Saint Remy village. The stars create amazing visual effects and look almost magical, evoking a mystical sensation in the viewer. It was painted in 1889, and remains one of the most often replicated works of this tormented genius.

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